These kits are perfect for my style of hunting in the high country of Idaho.  I use them only parts at a time for easy to start fires around camp, but my pack never goes without them.  I had a late deer hunt which found us in 18″ of snow.  After tracking and chasing deer for 3 ridges and 1.5 miles further than expected my socks and boots were soaked.  I gathered some small branches, and lit the firepuff and had a good fire in no time.
What I like most is that it seems to burn forever giving me time to get wet tinder going.  A must have for the serious outdoorsman, but also as safety gear in the car/RV!

Chet - Chubbuck, ID

We are purchasing more refills. Two of our teenagers and a friend got way up in the mountains by RaceTrack Lake Montana. As they were coming down just before dark one of the sleds broke down. They tried to fix it, took too long doing it, it got dark, temperature dropping to 8′ and we were 15 minutes away from calling Search and Rescue when they showed up on two instead of three sleds. They used almost my entire package of Puffs to start a nice big fire. They really needed the fire as my 18 yr old had worn his school boots and not his sledding boots and he was REALLY cold. The fire started right up, and he got warm. No frost bite, and we are sold on the Firepuffs.

- Philipsburg, MT

I love Firepuffs!!! Best product on the market for keeping me and my family safe in adverse weather conditions.

Jake - St. George, Utah

I’ve carried the Redi Lite Firepuffs mini kit in my fishing pack for nearly two years. When the weather turns south I love knowing that I can get a fire going in any condition! It’s the perfect necessity for any outdoors enthusiast. It’s so easy to light and reliable that even my kids can get a fire going with firepuffs!

Gil - Logan, Utah

I’ve been on what seems like a never ending search for the perfect fire starter. The Firepuffs hits every point on my list: lightweight, lights with a spark, does not smell, is not poisonous, clean and won’t leave residue on my hands. Over the last week I have run this little fiery puff through it’s paces and it has met and exceeded all my expectations. So easy to light my 2 and a half year old daughter was able to light it with a small spark from a ferro rod. Being an owner of The Survival Summit I am careful to endorse any products unless they meet our very high standards and the FirePuffs do, I strongly recommend anyone to give them a try.

~Owner at


Living in Alaska conditions are either snowy, icy, or rainy with a short period of a dry season. I could slide off the icey roadway and have to wait in the snow for a tow truck. An earthquake could knock out the power, leaving me without heat. There are a plethora of outdoor activities up here including hunting, camping, snow machining, backpacking, and so on. Any situation that I need to build a fire, the RediLite Firepuffs are my go to fire starter. I have started a fire using the Firepuffs on ice, inside a wood burning stove, or a simple campfire ring. Whether my kindling is saturated with water or as dry as a weed, Redi Lite Firepuffs will light my fire.

Jack - Eagle River, AK

Firepuffs are the best! I have been using them for years to build my fires. They are the most reliable and convenient to use.

Rocky - Logan, UT