Q – Are Firepuffs safe to handle?

A – Yes, they contain all natural ingredients that are safe, odorless, and non-toxic.

Q – How much do your kits weigh?

A – Our full size kit will fit in your pocket and weighs only 3.4 oz. gross and our mini kit weighs approximately 1 oz.

Q – Are your kits refillable?

A – Yes, all of our packaging is easy to open, re close, and refillable with our refill pack (sold separately)

Q – What is the shelf life and will Firepuffs ingredients evaporate over time?

A – Redi Lite Firepuffs have a minimum 25 year shelf life and will not evaporate at normal room temperatures.

Q – Have Firepuffs been tested?

A – Yes. From the beginning, each batch of Firepuffs have been tested for burn time, heat, and ease of use. We also do extensive “real world” conditions testing where we go out and build campfires on the most extreme weather days in Northern Utah so when you purchase Redi Lite Firepuffs, you can be confident that they will work for you when you need them to!

Q – Are your products guaranteed?

A – Yes. We at Bruderer Outdoor Enterprises LLC Will Offer a no nonsense product replacement or 100% money back guarantee (less shipping costs) if you are not satisfied with the performance of our products when used as directed. However we hold ourselves harmless and do not accept any liability or responsibility for the misuse or damages caused by the misuse of our products.