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Redi Lite Firepuffs’ Complete Emergency Fire Starter Kit​

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  • Works in ANY weather… Wind, Rain, or Snow
  • Works when wet… just squeeze out the water, fluff, and light
  • Economical… just unroll and use only the amount needed
  • Perfect for camping, hunting, snowmobiling, 72 hr. kits, glove box
  • Burns approx. 6 min. each or 1 min. per inch when portioned


Wind, rain, or snow, Redi Lite Firepuffs are used by professional outdoorsmen, snowmobilers, hunters, and survivalists because they really work! Redi Lite Firepuffs last indefinitely and will not evaporate . Unlike other fire starting tinder, they are packaged in a durable, lightweight, hardshell case that is easy to open and reclose and is refillable. The kit includes a 1,000-strike rated striker that contains real magnesium and enough tinder for up to 45 fires when portioned out. Redi Lite Firepuffs are safe to handle, odorless, and non-toxic. They are economical to use. They burn approximately 6 minutes each or 1 minute per inch when portioned out!​

3 reviews for Redi Lite Firepuffs’ Complete Emergency Fire Starter Kit​

  1. Gilbert Rowley

    Firepuffs are the best fire starting material on the market. They work in any conditions, and can truly save your life!

  2. Jessica Baird

    I love this product. Me and my family always have firepuffs with us on every outdoor activity we go on. They are so easy and simple to use. We’ve used them in all kinds of weather on our fishing adventures and also for our camping and any hunting that we do. I don’t go anywhere without them!

  3. Remington Baird

    Redi-lite firepuffs are so convient for my style of hunting and the things I do in the outdoors. They are kid friendly my 6 year old boy can build fires with these from start to finish. I would Highly recommend this to the outdoor and hunting enthusiast.

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