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Redi Lite Firepuffs’ Emergency Mini Fire Starter Kit

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3 Redi Lite Firepuffs with magnesium striker

  • Only weighs 1.1 oz
  • Fits anywhere in any pack or pocket
  • Works in ANY weather… Wind, Rain, or Snow
  • Works when wet… just squeeze out the water, fluff, and light
  • Economical… just unroll and use only the amount needed
  • Perfect for camping, hunting, snowmobiling, 72 hr. kits, glove box
  • Burns approx. 6 min. each or 1 min. per inch when portioned


Our “mini” fire starter kit weighs only 1.1 oz. but is still capable of lighting up to 15 fires. This complete kit includes our 1,000 strike rated striker and is a great “just in case” accessory for your emergency preparedness needs. It can also be refilled with the Redi Lite Firepuffs refill pack to save you money. Refill it every time you go out into the backcountry!

2 reviews for Redi Lite Firepuffs’ Emergency Mini Fire Starter Kit

  1. Fly Tying 123

    I’ve carried the mini fire starter kit in my fishing bag for three years now. It good to know that if an emergency arises I can get a fire going in any weather conditions. I highly recommend firepuffs to everyone.

  2. Daniel Kuykendall

    Super portable, lightweight, compact, and of course easily lit with a spark. I take these little guys everywhere and they save me time processing tinder so I can get on to other things quicker like eating my food!

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